Central Asia
International Conference “Regional Practices on Sustainable use in Hunting territories and protection of wildlife”

International Conference “Regional Practices on Sustainable use in Hunting territories and protection of wildlife” (1-3 September 2015, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan)


Speech “Wildlife management in Central Asia: practical experience and existing gaps” (Markus Pesch, Independent Expert, Germany)

Speech “Sustainable Hunting – Best Practices for Central Asia” (Dr. Rolf D. Baldus, Independent Expert, Germany)

Presentation  “Sustainable Hunting –Best Practices for Central Asia” (Dr. Rolf D. Baldus, Independent Expert)

Presentation “Results of the Turkmen study on the situation in the Turkmenistan hunting territories” (Eldar Rustamov, UHF, Turkmenistan)

Presentation “International and National Commitments of Turkmenistan on Conservation of Wildlife Resources” (Shirin Karryeva, RSPB/ MNP Project Expert, Turkmenistan)

Presentation  “The integration of game species conservation in the common biodiversity strategy: experience of Turkmenistan” (Oleg Guchgeldiyev, UNDP, Turkmenistan)

 Presentation  “The role of international biodiversity treaties in the sustainable wildlife management: Ramsar convention” (Solongo Khurelbaatar, Ramsar Convention, Mongolia)

Presentation “CITES Regulations for Hunting Trophies from Central Asia and Management Proposals for Exporting Countries” (Mario Sterz, CITES management authorities, Germany)

Presentation “Principles and methods of abundance assessment and monitoring as a basis of sustainable hunting” (Sven Herzog,  Dresden University of Technology, Germany)

Presentation “Monitoring of wildlife and management implications in Central Asia” (Petra Kaczensky, (RSPB, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria)

Presentation “Wildlife health and diseases in Central Asia” (Stephane Ostrowski, WCS, France)

Presentation “The Asiatic wild ass (Equus hemionus) distribution, genetics and IUCN Red List Status” (Patricia Moehlman, the World Conservation Union Species Survival Equid Specialist Group, USA)

Presentation “Regional collaboration for wildlife management and conservation: the Central Asian Mammals Initiative” (Natalya Yakusheva, CMS Secreteriat, Russia)

Presentation “The role of communities in the conservation of snow leopards: experience from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan” (Halil Karimov and Tatiana Rozen Mihel, Panthera Fund, Tajikistan)

Presentation “Population restoration: experience from Central Asia” (Olga Pereladova, WWF, Russia)

Presentation “Importance of wildlife health for the successful wildlife management: experience from Kazakhstan” (Steffen Zuther, Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan/Frankfurt Zoological Society, Kazakhstan)

Presentation “Experience and lessons learnt in Kyrgyzstan: law revision” (Almaz Musaev, State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry, Kyrgyzstan)

Presentation “Experience and lessons learnt in Uzbekistan” (Dr. Natalya Marmazinskaya, Zoological Society, Uzbekistan)

Presentation “Perspectives of biodiversity conservation, among these, rare and endangered animals species, in hunting reserves in Russia” (Anna Belousova, FBGU All-Russian Research Institute for Environment Protection, Russia)

Presentation “Wildlife management in Azerbaijan” (Dr. Elchin Sultanov,  Ornithological Society, Azerbaijan)

Summing-up of recommendations of the Working groups